Nation, Nationality self-esteem: I am proud to be Nepali

Nepal, the world’s independent country

I am proud to be Nepali. I want to enjoy my sweet flag altogether. You can always sit under this flag. Nation, Nationality and self-esteem.

The mountain is my country of the mountain, Gautam Buddha is the land of birth, the land of the Everest, my home of the holy gods.

It is my promise that there will be no compromise on the nation, nationality and self-respect of the country.

Nation, Nationality and Self-esteem

Assuming this is the case, is that a good motivation to make progress toward a universe of sheltered, secure nations? Numerous liberal nationalists answer yes to these inquiries, yet they do as such without taking a gander at the enormous social-brain science literature on groups and self-esteem.

We look at the cases of liberal nationalists considering this literature. The good news is that self-respectWe utilize the terms self-respect and self-esteem reciprocally furthermore group character are firmly associated; and can lead individuals to put aggregate interests above individual interests.

Nepalese Self-esteem Country

The terrible news is that the liberal-nationalist supposition that low-status groups have minimal self-respect and dominant part groups have it in plenitude is mixed up. Maybe most troubling is simply the serious idea of aggregate esteem: individuals feel better when their group shows improvement over others.

This seriousness can prompt by and large antagonistic vibe when groups go after assets and political force. Self-esteem is obviously a flimsy establishment for a liberal nation. In spite of the fact that we don’t imagine that issues brought about by national character and self-esteem can be completely understood, we do propose manners by which they can be contained. – Abish Adhikari

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