Machhapuchhre Rural Municipality: What is Machhapuchhre Model Trek ?

Machhapuchhre Rural Municipality (Lahachowk)

Abish Adhikari (Bhim): Lahachok is a village in Machhapuchhre Rural Municipality, in the Kaski District, in the Gandaki Zone of northern-focal Nepal. As indicated by the 2011 National Population and Housing Census, it had a populace of 8500 out of 1100 individual family units.

The village is ethnically and socially different. Significant ethnic gatherings in the village are Brahmin (43%), Dalit (28%), Chhetri (counting Thakuri) (14%), and indigenous gatherings, for example, Gurung, Newar and Magar. The general public is to a great extent dependent on a standing structure. Higher positions like Brahmin and Chhetri have more noteworthy access to and authority over assets and methods for creation.

Machhapuchre Rural Municipality
Lahachwok: Machhapuchre Rural Municipality

The individuals of higher standing by and large have a higher instructive status. The Hindu religion prevails, trailed by Buddhism and few Christians. The general public in Lahachowk is a male centric one. The significant occupation in the village is farming, which possesses around 46.7% of the populace. Next are the workers, up to 30.9%. Around 5.3% are working abroad, and government occupations represent 4.9%. Different employments possess around 11.5%, while business represents simply 0.7%.

I lived in Lahachowk village in Nepal, an hour from Pokhara. I lived in a neighborhood family, which children had moved away so they had an additional space for me. When visiting Nepal it merits visiting villages aroudn the greater urban communities. In the urban communities life has now and again become very traveler focused however in the villages you can see the nepalese culture. Pokhara particularly is touristy because of the explorers and climbers who go to the city day by day.

Lahachowk is a piece of the Kaski-locale which is known as the Hilly-district. For a Finn these slopes were mountains. The house I lived in was at the base of one of the slopes, yet above it rose a 1,5 km slope. Lahawhock has numerous ricefields and different harvests. I showed up at the ideal time, as I saw the green yields during September, dry harvests of October and the cutting of them in November.

Regular day to day existence in Lahachowk was straightforward. We woke up toward the beginning of the day with dawn. Numerous men in the village live in the close by urban areas as they work there. Streets among Lahachowk and Pokhara are so knotty and uneven that one couldn’t drive it there and back ordinary. This is the reason the village is essentially loaded up with moms and kids.

Machhapuchhre Rural Municipality (Ribhan-5)

“‘Reevan'” and “‘Rivan'”) is a village and Machhapuchhre Rural Municipality in Kaski District in the Gandaki Zone of northern-focal Nepal. At the hour of the 2001 Nepal statistics it had a populace of 1,617 people living in 372 individual households.Brahmin and Gurung are fundamental ethnic gatherings in this village. Ribhan is basically in the bank of Mardi stream which is fundamental wellspring of water system for individuals of this agribusiness based village.

Machhapuchre Rural Municipality
Ribhan: Machhapuchre Rural Municipality

The timberland in this village has many imperiled species, for example, Himali red panda and panther. Quite a bit of its woods is as yet unexplored as it is remote with high slopes and in some cases day off. It is a piece of Annapurna Conservation Area venture .

Lwang Ghalel

Lwang lies in pleasant perspective on Machhapuchhre Himalayas, which fall under the Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP), arranged at a height of 1460m. Ghalel is well known for natural Himalayan tea; cultivating and lies 20km North-West from Pokhara. The Gurung village is additionally the beginning stage of Mardi Himal trekking route (The Hidden Paradise). The significant occupations of villagers are the travel industry (homestay), military assistance, abroad work, natural tea industrial facility and farming.

Machhapuchre Rural Municipality
Lwang Ghalel: Machhapuchre Rural Municipality

Lwang lies in pleasant perspective on Machhapuchhre Himalayas, which fall under the Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP), arranged at a rise of 1460m. Ghalel is well known for natural Himalayan tea cultivating and lies 20km North-West from Pokhara. The Gurung village is additionally the beginning stage of Mardi Himal trekking route (The Hidden Paradise).

The significant occupations of villagers are the travel industry (homestay), military assistance, abroad business, natural tea industrial facility and agriculture.Place of fascination: • Typical Gurung Village Typical Gurung Village stone rooftop and divider house, as different villages, Lwang village likewise has assorted variety in many culture and position however for the most part Gurungs are the locals of this village. The individuals of Lwang village are benevolent, kind, polite and very much refined. Here Gurung people group has a rich convention and culture.

The Gurung individuals are useful and fair. They love music and have their own language. Gurung people group accepts “The Guest is God”.


Dhampuss trek from Pokhara is perhaps the most brief trek around Pokhara Valley that takes you through 3 diverse mainstream perspectives; Naudanda and Sarangkot. Dhampus isn’t simply the best view point but on the other hand is a little village of ethnic Gurung people group, which offers you a chance to observe their day by day life style.3 Days Dhampus Trek from Pokhara will be an ideal outing to those trekking lover, who has constrained time accessible in Nepal.

Agenda Drive to Kande and trek to Dhampus by means of Australian Camp. (Approx. 3hrs trek)Stop At: Annapurna Mountain Range, Annapurna Region, Gandaki Zone, Western Region 8:00 am get from Pokhara inn and drive to Kande via Car. From Kande, climb to Dhampus Village (a Gurung Village) through Australian Camp (2000 m). Lunch on the way. Overnight at Tea House/Lodge in Dhampus. (L and D)Duration: 5 hours Meals included:


Ghachok is a wonderful village situated on the lap of Annapurna and Fishtail mountains. The village is situated on the north-west of Pokhara and this short climb is suggested; by Trekking in the Himalayas – tenth version book (Published on Jan 2016) and BBC Travel distributed on January 2012.

This fascinating two-day trek rises the slopes north of Pokhara to the customary Gurung villages around Ghachok. It begins from Hyangja, close to the Tashi Palkhel Tibetan settlement and crosses the Mardi Khola to Lhachok before rising to the stone-walled village of Ghachok, where you can stop for the time being before turning south and coming back to Pokhara by m

Machhapuchre Rural Municipality
Ghachok: Machhapuchre Rural Municipality

eans of Batulechaur. With additional time, you can expand this stroll (past the span of streets) to visit some much progressively remote villages in the valley driving north from Ghachok.

This village; is additionally acclaimed for the Local customary homestays and you can make the most of your stay with the ‘Dal Bhat’ (Nepali nourishment) is set up from homegrown fixings; and fields of rice encompass conventional houses made of stone. The village flaunts a few cascades for an evening climb and swim or unwind in your guesthouse’s yard with a book.

Machhapuchhre Village

The Machhapuchhre Villageis another option trekking route in Annapurna Conservation territory. The path route is explicitly intended for trekkers who are searching for a less blocked; pristine trek a long way from the developing street organize. This route for the most part covers 7 villages occupied by various ethnic gatherings, for example, Gurung, Magar, Tamang, Dalit (Damai, Kami), Newar and Brahmin.

The path traverses a wide range of territories – perfectly cut porch cultivating, astonishing cascades and surrenders, mountain scenes and lavish vegetation including lively blooming rhododendron timberlands.

The principle features of the trek; is the exceptional pleasant perspective on Machhapuchhre (normally alluded to as Mt. Fishtail – 6,993m). Machhapuchhre Rural Municipality

Dhital Village-6

Dhital is a Machhapuchhre Rural Municipality in Kaski District in the Gandaki Zone of northern-focal Nepal. At the hour of the 1991 Nepal enumeration it had a populace of 4,121 people living in 862 individual families. Dhital is close to Annapurna Himalaya and it is on the route of trekking

Machhapuchre Rural Municipality
Dhital: Machhapuchre Rural Municipality

What is Machhapuchhre Model Trek ?

The Machhapuchare Model Trek is an outdoors and tea house trekking where the voyagers decide to camp or remain on conventional village settlements leaving off the vechiles and jump into the wild nature, cultivating lands, customary villages and good country human advancement. The trekking experience takes the voyagers to untainted; district that is ruled by the Fishtail Mountain which is called Machhapuchhare Himal in neighborhood language.

The entire trekking district is overwhelmed; by delightful Fishtail Mountain in its fabulous white coat and grinning face of nature on the regular setting of rich mountains; waterway valley, rhododendron and pine timberland, oak backwoods, conventional villages and ethnic good country human advancement.

The explorers experience the indigenous way of life, antiquated caverns, streams, lakes and cascades alongside wonderful flower and faunal presence in the setting of entrancing specialty of nature in Annapurna area.

This trekking experience; is a recently opened trekking route by Trekkers Association of Nepal who is keeping up the eco-accommodating trekking guidelines; in Nepal to limit the natural effects of trekking.

The Machhapuchhare; Model Trek can be considered as home stay trekking if explorers need to live in the indigenous network; or they can pick the outdoors experience to plunge into the wild nature. The movement experiences spread the conventional villages of Lachowk village, Ghachowk village, Machhapuchhare village, Ribhan village, LwangGhalel village, Sardikhola village and Dhital village.

Machhapuchre Rural Municipality
Dhital: Machhapuchre Rural Municipality

As of late there is another adaptation of this movement trip; has been found in this district which is known as Machhapuchare Model Home Stay where the 16,000; villagers of previously mentioned village gives; the housing and providing food office to visitors. These villages of Machhapuchhare locale is a rich mix of good country culture and indigenous ethnic races of Gurung, Tamang, Magar, Rai, Brahmin, Chhetri, Newar, Damai, Kami, Sarki and others.

There is contribution of Swiss National Center of Competence in Search Foundation to make and bolster this recently opened trekking route which makes this trekking trail progressively good and fascinating travel goal of Nepal.

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