Bhim Adhikari

About Me

I was born to a poor and farmer family in Pokhara. I have a Bachelor of Science. Now I am doing normal journalism by postponing my studies. I am an ordinary Nepalese citizen.

I am free so no political party is involved. Iam an independent citizen who always voices opposition to whatever party runs the government.

  • Name                       :      Bhim Adhikari
  • Permanent Address   :      Pokhara, Kaski, Nepal
  • Current Address        :      Maitidevi, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Email                       :       bhimadhikaricom@bhimadhikari.com.np
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Even if there is no wealth, I want to keep my mind cool. Someone should stay hungry, not die. Never sell your reputation for property. Corrupt are my enemies i Want to eat a meal but enjoy with dignity. I always feel the need to help the poor and the orphans. I have a mind but no wealth. believe in hard work and perseverance.